Online Course: 8 Weeks to a Better Marriage

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You can build a thriving, vibrant marriage! God designed marriage for our good, creating the gift of a "help mate" to provide love, support, and partnership on the journey of life.  

In this 8-week online course, Joyful Life Programs has teamed up with Douglas Weiss, Ph.D. to tackle the major aspects that lead to a thriving marriage.  With the wisdom of the scriptures and 30 years of experience counseling individuals and couples, Dr. Weiss teaches perspectives and practices from the Bible that open the door to significant improvements in understanding, communication, respect, and love.   

Weekly topics include: the power of prayer, praise, fun, feelings, leadership, the 7 love agreements, sex, and being a servant.

You will learn underlying causes of struggle and practical tools to break through destructive patterns to a more joyful relationship. When you apply the techniques covered in each lesson, you will see transformation in your marriage.

NOTE: The pronouns used throughout this course are he, him, man and she, her, woman. While, many of the principles and tools apply to all marriages, the course references this relationship as husband and wife.

Praise for 8 Weeks to a Better Marriage

“I really love it!  It is very inspiring and gives me new insight about my marriage.”

“I think all of my married friends can benefit from it, even if they’ve taken marriage courses before.”

“This course is great. The information is broken up into small pieces that are digestible.”